25 Advent Flatpack Models


25 Advent Flatpack Models is a series of 25 flatpack models that you can cut out and glue to make the characters that relate to the Christmas story. They are really fun!
Make sure you purchase the accompanying resource 25 Advent Comic and Calendar which is a set of comic pages telling the Christmas story and digital advent calendar with 25 windows that are hyperlinks to the comic page of that number.  Each flatpack model corresponds to the comic and calendar page numbers. So they are designed to work together.

This resource was commissioned by the Church of England Diocese of Blackburn who have kindly let us make it available to a wider audience. They have produced a CD ROM with these resources on along with all sorts of other worksheets, powerpoints song suggestions and other goodies. You can order this from them by e-mailing schools@blackburn.anglican.org . The CD ROM costs £25 + VAT.

Price: $5.75