Advent and Christmas News

It's Advent and Christmas again already - how did that happen so fast?! 

Well the really BIG NEWS is that with the new fandangled proost site it is now really easy to find resources for Advent and Christmas - we have a seasons section and simply click on whichever season you are interested in. It's actually an area we have loads of goodies in! So let's give you a few suggestions...

First up we have a new movie from Jon Birch playfully exploring economy through the lens of elfs - yes sounds weird but is a must see in every church on Christmas day! We also have a new movie from world slam champion Harry Baker - wonky donkey, and one from Gav Mart and Alan Whitfield - prophet-tear. All three of these movies featured in the ADVENTurous day in London and will appear in the en gedi arts exhibition in leeds and Colwyn Bay. We have also taken the movies out of what was nine and they are now available separately - word, an impossible kingdom, a great company, blessed and signs of love . Each one connects with a reading from the traditional nine lessons and carols service. If perchance you are using that and have a projector and screen - hooray!

Check out silent night, noisy night and immaculate Mary - all very popular movies for Christmas day or thereabouts.

And if you are looking for advent resources Si Smith and Ian Adams advent calendar is great as is Si's 25 - both are easy one to have on a laptop, ipad or equivalent to tell the story at the meal table each day with the various characters. Vaux's classic Wait movie I use every year! And don't forget the cardboard cutout nativity - fun for all ages - ideal for messy church perhaps?

There are new things in the proost pipeline including one more Christmas movie we hope we will land soonish so do check back. Have a great season of advent and happy Christmas us all at Proost! xxx