All Belong Here


All Belong Here marks the return of The Many to Proost. 

Hailing out of Chicago, The Many write music for people to sing together. Music that's honest, full of questions, full of faith and doubt, full of longing. No easy answers. 

We love this eclectic group of singers and musicians because of their commitment to the excluded and their intention to be honest in what they write and sing.  All Belong Here marks another step along this path - seeking to express in music and lyrics the divine heart of inclusion in a world which seems intent on excluding others. 

This album is different from many on Proost, embracing a style more comfortable in church worship music.  Think gospel voices, mixed with a Vineyard (and at times almost Country) style.  What is so captivating though is the lyrical honesty and integrity.  Check out the track Forgive Us below if you want to hear more.

"We don't know how to pray here, stay here"

Listen to Forgive Us via Bandcamp

The Many is the house band of The Plural Guild, a gathering of writers, musicians, artists, liturgists and thinkers creating words, music and ritual for our time. 

Facebook: @themanyarehere

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