... And We Will Become a Happy Ending


This is a unique and wonderful PDF version of a book published by 'theStory' in Canada and authored by Joe Manofo.

"…And We Will Become a Happy Ending" is a collection of stories and sayings, ponderings and pictures that describe a church called theStory and tell of the lives and of the town they love and call home.

Sometimes resembling a liturgucal project, sometimes art, sometimes poetry and photography, sometimes something more akin to a community scrapbook - this is a highly theological yet unmistakably grounded project and one of the more incredible things I've read recently.

Author Joe Manafo shares "I wrote this book on behalf of theStory and primarily for our friends and neighbourhoods. That said, if you have a love/hate relationship with the church like we do, our take just might be the good news you've been hoping for."

You can find out more about theStory and about Happy Endings at these links.

Follow this link to a teaser video.

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