Come Home

Come Home is an interactive worship experience that helps participants recognize and experience God’s presence in the ordinary and extraordinary events of their daily lives. 

It isn’t a linear service; it’s more of a journey that participants take at their own pace. Four rooms are set up, each expressing a theme from our experience. 

In the kitchen, creativity is explored;
the dining room is a place to reflect on the theme of hospitality;
the living room provokes thoughts on community,
and the bedroom provides opportunity for confession. 

It could be four spaces in one hall, four rooms in a building or even run actually in someone in your community's house! Come Home Meditations (see audio section of the site) was recorded to go with it.

It was originally created by Sanctuary in Bath and subsequently published as a kit with Group Publishing in the US. We're delighted to be able to now make it into a downloadable resource which makes it available at a much cheaper price.

The accompanying meditations are in the album Come Home Meditations

Price: $11.49

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