Creation Stations

Creations Stations contains the tools you need to set up an interactive installation/worship experience on the theme of creation. It consists of a station on each day of creation. There is a narrated soundtrack/set of meditations that is not included. This is available in the audio section as Creation Stations Meditation. The idea is that these tracks are put onto mp3 players or CD players for particpants to listen to as they do the experience. An alternative is to print the text of the meditations for people to read. This kit includes a leader's guide, 7 poster files as backdrop for each of the stations, a children's guide, an interactive flash quiz, a movie and instruction cards. This was originally published in a kit format in the US in partnership with Group Publishing under the title Worshipping the Creator but the rights have now returned to proost. By making it a download we are able to reduce it (this with the meditations) to about a quarter of the original price.

If you are not used to setting up installation experiences they can make for a very special event either for an extended worship event or as an installation that runs over a week or weekend or summer festival that people can drop in to. Lent or Holy Week have been times that we have often run these kinds of installations.

Price: $11.49

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