The Devil Don't Stand A Chance


Southern Gospel songs over 90 years old given the proost treatment make for a wonderful album by the 'Reverend' Jon Birch. It will uplift your spirits and bring a smile to your face. Here's what the Rev has to say...

"I do not claim these songs as my own, just the production of the tracks. These songs do not represent my theology, but i love their spirit, their humanity, their heart and the amazing spontaneity and emotion in these amazing performances. It won't be long before the original recordings on which these tracks are based are 100 years old. The idea that no one except historians and people with a special interest will hear these songs again is just too sad to contemplate. I hope you enjoy listening to these tracks as much as I enjoyed making them."

Have a listen to one of the tracks below - no use to run!

We think it would be fun to do a remix album of these tunes. If you would be interested in remixing a track send us an e-mail.


Price: $11.49

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