As Lent concludes and we move into Easter we wanted to share some resources with you in the Proost library. Some new, some old. Premiering this week are two Easter focused resources.

Firstly Ian Adams has produced 'Peace be With You' - 40 reflections focusing on the hope of this time and of the hope contained in our own journeys of change. Ian is such a popular artist at Proost and we are so grateful to share his creativity with you all. This one comes highly recommended.

Also released this week is Meeting the Gardener by our own Andy Freeman. Andy has collated some tried and tested Easter reflections designed for groups to journey with over Holy Week. The resource also includes some of his poetry and photography. This resource is practical and aimed at helping to create spaces for people to reflect on the Easter story afresh.

In the archives of Proost's Easter resources we'd like to recommend again Si Smith's 'Raised in Leeds' and 'Stations of the Resurrection'. These put the Easter story at the heart of an urban city and have proved helpful and inspiring to many people who've used them.

At a different angle is the Gardens EP from Winchester DJ Steve Leach. These three original tracks depict the three gardens of Gethsemane, Eden and Paradise and are designed as a musical contemplation of the stories linked to these locations.

There are many other Easter resources available. Check the Seasons area of the site for more details.

We'd also want to share that if you take a Get it All subscription you can access every single resource on the site for one year. Why not take a look.

This is a busy time for us at Proost and we've been blessed to receive many resources for Easter over these past months. With that in mind watch for a special free release which will take place in the next few days via our Twitter @ProostTweets. If you don't follow us yet, do connect so you can hear what's going on.

With every blessing for the coming season

The Proost Team