Eucharist was originally penned for the 1999 Sunday morning service at Greenbelt and has become something of a classic. It includes contributions from Grace, Late Late Service, Host, Third Sunday Service, and Sanctuary. It runs as a communion service incorporating all the usual elements of the liturgy - welcome, opening prayer, hymns, gloria, creed, confession, prayer, eucharistic prayer, blessing. It is a mix of chilled beats and words, and upbeat dance. It is a very innovative Eucharist and a great resource for any church wanting to bring something fresh to their communion services.


  • house of the lord
  • hush
  • angel
  • holy holy holy
  • kyrie
  • gloria
  • i believe
  • pray
  • eucharistic prayer
  • i will receive you now
  • breastplate

Bonus (you can download the liturgy here)

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