Following Streams

Thomas Merton once said...

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 

This is one of the things I love most about being involved with the Proost family.  The simultaneous experience of both finding direction in the incredible work we hear about and share but also getting utterly lost, unable and unsure which direction things will take next.  

Where the Streams Come From 

Featured this month is "Where the Streams Come From" by Proost maestro Chris Goan.  Chris lives in the region of Argyll in Scotland and this set of poetry (created for a recent exhibition) allows the wilderness of Scotland to speak to his heart and from that comes these wonderful poems.  

Chris writes "The imagery of moving water – rivers, streams, rolling waves – has long been employed by humans as a means of seeking to understand things beyond ourselves. In some parts of the world water is a much rarer commodity than it is where I live, on the western fringe of Europe, amongst the remains of the temperate rain forests."

From the earliest Celtic Christians we hear stories of sacred rivers, or shrines sited at springs and wells.  This maybe connected with the Hebrew stories they were finding faith in where Holy rivers, encounters at wells and living water also played their part.   Chris' work adds to this tradition and its beautifully honest in its reading and hearing.  

Proost contributor Steve Broadway is one of many to commend Chris latest work. He says:

"Chris Goan is a poet for our time. Again and again, his thought- provoking, powerful, sometimes painful words get to the very heart of what many of us are thinking and feeling. He’s frequently stopped me in my tracks. He’s made me laugh. He’s made me cry. He gives me hope, even in my doubts."

You can download the book here for £3.50 or get a physical copy for £7 through our LULU pages. 
Proost Live in Sheffield


We are counting down to our next Proost Live event in Sheffield on 25 May.  We are delighted to have Martin Daws coming to headline our show and we'll also have the normal Proost Open Mic flavour to add to the evening.

Tickets at £5 for this one and that'll get you entry to a great night, plus snacks and a free USB of Proost resources.  Theres no bar on the night but we encourage you to bring a bottle to enable the night to flow.  

Tickets are available from our Eventbrite pages.

Our Earlsfield Live show went beautifully thanks to the wonderful people from Home Cafe.  We were thrilled to have Ruth Wells (below) headline with her typically honest and provocative poetry and we're thrilled we'll be sharing a collection of her work later this year.   



If you're able to join us in Sheffield or at our future dates then we'd love to see you.  If you think your town or city could host a Proost night why not email us at and let us know.  Maybe we'll be in your part of the world soon.

Wishing you every blessing 
The Proost Team