GOLDEN by Gavin Mart and the Saturday Vandals

Packing a real punch with his stunning new album GOLDEN, Gavin Mart returns to the fray with style... The album is a rare variety of taste, texture and tone, bringing forth the more contemporary post pop title track alongside Art Punk classic 'Baby Boomer' and the Police esq. 'Every time I see you', further explorations visit The 'Manic's' with 'Sideways in the dark' and proceed through the limitless fields of 'Walls of Stone'.

Gavin shared with proost the story behind the album:

"‘Golden’ was a chance for me to write, record and produce my own album all from home, in the short space of free time I found myself with before the baby arrived!  Since abandoning a promising career in the Fire Service due to an insatiable yearning to be a full time artist, life has certainly been considerably trickier.  This career ‘snap’ aged 27  (four years ago) combined with a disaffection or disillusion with my standing as a young leader in the emerging church, sent me spiralling out of control, seeking refuge in the tougher yet somehow more forgiving streets of Armley and Leeds’ bars, pubs and European ‘gig-scene’.
The album is the product of my working out of these impassive feelings and complexities.  It’s the journey I went through and am still going through to find meaning and depth in the Christian communities I found myself in.  Its direct words I felt God encouraging me with; hinted in the chorus’s of ‘Sideways in the Dark’ and ‘Message to You’.  ‘A Time will come’ started as a song of encouragement I wanted to write for our expected child, but on reflection appeared to be my own message of solace.
For me the album points towards a sense of moving on, however painful that may be.  As the nomadic tribes of the Old Testament at times had to cut their losses or leave people behind, ‘Beneath a Cloud’ struggles with idea of leaving, whilst not ending relationships well.  It must be added that the lyrical content refers to my experiences within the Fire Service as well as the church and is a culmination of feelings of frustration when relationships breakdown. An analogy is made with these feelings through  a reference to the film ‘Touching the Void’ and the story of how a community reacted to the return of the two adventurous climbing ‘friends’, as one had cut the rope on his presumably dead partner.
‘Walls of Stone’ on the other hand recalls my initial sense of ‘calling’ to Leeds; to find a community with a yearning to make a difference in the city.  I had been trained up in the churches of North Wales as a youth leader, and found myself sleeping rough on Welsh mountain for three days, reciting the Psalms out loud, and generally behaving like a crazy prophet trying to find his calling.  A huge storm sent me scurrying down the mountain in fear my life to the elements, and that ‘Jonah’ like fear lead me to the city to try and make a difference, it’s at that point that I found a dynamic church movement in Leeds.
Having battled in the city for few years, the pressures of financial survival took over and I ended up creating a property company.  The funding came from my job as a Fireman, and my initial heart was to buy and maintain enough properties to house some of Leeds’ homeless community.  I had taken one man in almost in a Nick Hornby type ‘how to be good’ style.  He turned out to be a heroin addict and although it’s another story, he managed to get clean.  I’d been inspired by this breakthrough event.  Soon, however, the financial pressure cooker was switched on as mortgage lending was cut over night, and our growth stopped dead in its tracks.  I’d left the Fire Service and was dead in the water.  ‘Baby Boomer’ is both a tale of my own greed and the greed of a generation before me.  It was inspired whilst listening to an article entitled the same, on radio four’s Point of View.
So although the album takes a bit of explaining, I hope that helps to make sense of it.  The title track tries to encapsulate this journey and some of the experiences I faced, along with my peers, and during the last ten years both in and outside of the church. "

Track listing

  • 1. Golden
  • 2. Every Time I See You
  • 3. Baby Boomer
  • 4. Damien Rice
  • 5. Sideways In The Dark (featuring Dave Pilla)
  • 6. Walls Of Stone
  • 7. Beneath A Cloud
  • 8. The Reason Why
  • 9. Learn How To Fly
  • 10. Don\\\'t Talk About Me
  • 11. Respond To This
  • 12. Message To You
  • 13. A Time Will Come

Gavin Mart - vocals, drums, guitars, percussion

Daniel Norton - bass

Rob Hall - drums, percussion

Artwork - Si Smith |

Price: $11.49

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