Holy Week

Throughout the world Christians of all denominations, theologies and cultures are preparing for Easter.  Holy Week seems apt as the events we remember during these next few days mark the core elements of this faith - the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the hope which is vital to so many. 

You may be planning special prayers or worship or times of retreat or pilgrimage to mark this time and we hope some of these resources may help you.  Do use our Seasons area to find specific Easter resources too.

We start with Maundy Thursday.  Remembering that Passover meal and the sacrament of communion that Jesus began, Making Communion is Grace's expression of this great celebration and act of rememberance. Then Jesus then went to pray in Gethesmene and that moment is interpreted in Steve Leach's Gardens EP.

We then come to Good Friday and are thrilled that there are some many creative interpretations of the events of the cross.  Isaiah 53, The Cross and Spiked Creator are a few of them that we recommend.  Jon Birch's animated rethinking of Twelve Stations is another to take a look at.  Stations of the Cross form the backdrop for the 12 Stations Meditation too.  You might also want to explore the beautiful poetry of Tim Watson in books like Crucify this Jesus or Old Lost and Broken Dreams.

Easter Saturday is always a challenging day when we explore our questions and the in-between state of our faith.  Restless by Tim Snyder may be a helpful multi-media resource for this time.  Do also check out Space and Time and Where are You? as two expressions of the challenges of life in the light of Christ's death. 

And then we celebrate Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  Again we are very grateful to the many interpretations of this time by artists on the site but want to mention specifically Stations of the Resurrection and Raised in Leeds which both place this incredible event right in heart of every day life.

Other news from Proost

As well as sharing about resources we have a few other things we'd love to mention.

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We hope all of you have a fantastic Easter and will be in touch again soon.


The Proost Team