Letting Go and Proost on Tour

There's a few new developments to let you know about from Proost HQ. 

Firstly we are very pleased to release Letting Go by poet and photographer Taylor Cole.  We met Taylor at our Proost on Tour event in Chicago last May and have been working with her since to release a collection of her poems.  As we heard taylor perform for the first time at our event at L!VE Cafe in Chicago we were blown away by the honest and melody of her words.  This collection does her justice as it showcases poems with a deep honest soul and a willingness to talk about the joys and the struggles of life.  The collection is accompanied by Taylor's photography which is strikinf and creates a beautiful backdrop for the poems.  Check out the product pages for some sample images and poems. 

Next we've glad to announce that Proost is back on the road this year with our first two Tour events announced today in Earlsfield, South London on 13 April and Sheffield, South Yorkshire on 25 May.  These events will feature our normal mix of Open Mic, DJ and featured Proost artists but will also feature spoken word sets from Ruth Wells in Earlsfield and then Martin Daws in Sheffield.  Pages to book tickets are below.  Earlsfield will be a free event, whilst Sheffield will be £5 per person. 

Proost on Tour in Earlsfield book Tickets here

Proost on Tour in Sheffield book Tickets here


Lastly we are very pleased to announce that as part of our work with Space to Breathe, Proost will be featuring heavily in the Greenbelt Festival 2018.  Proost has been part of Space to Breathe for the last year and as Space to Breathe have become Associate Partners of the Festival, Proost will be front and centre of their work there in August 2018.  More details to follow but we're looking forward to seeing you all there.

You can book tickets for the Greenbelt Festival now, visit their website for more details.