Looking to the star

As we begin the month of November our eyes start turning to a star and a stable and a time of year where we learn again to be patient.

Advent literally means 'arrival'.  It leads us to the celebration of the arrival of God made man, in the birth of Jesus.  But the season of Advent is all about waiting - waiting for this arrival and waiting for when He comes again.  Its a season that leads itself to preparation, to promises yet fulfilled and to waiting for God.  It can lead us into journeys of pain, frustration, joy and wonder.  Waiting changes us.

“For a while" is a phrase whose length can't be measured.At least by the person who's waiting.” Haruki Marukami

Here at Proost Advent is always one our busiest times as we find people find it helpful to have resources to help them navigate the season, both as individuals and in communities and churches.  Let me guide you through a few. 

Alt.Advent hit the Proost store last year and made a big impact.  These 26 beautiful animations guide you through the story of the lead up to the birth of Jesus and approach each story with a quirky edge and an attempt to challenge.  Together they're a wonderful set of resources. They're available to download in one block for personal or group use and can be used on your own websites during the Christmas period.  Do please note the restrictions of use on the product page though. Alt.Advent is one of many contributions by our own Jon Birch.  You might also want to check out Silent Night, 9 Lessons and Noisy Night.  

Si Smith's & Ian Adams Advent Calendar is another item which many have found helpful over the years.  25 beautiful illustrations with simple but deep devotionals is what to expect, designed in the Advent Calendar style and great for daily reflections during Advent.  Do also check out Advent Flatpack and other work by Si Smith.  We are also delighted to annouce that a brand new resource developed by Si Smith, Ian Adams, photographer Steve Broadway will be launched on Proost on 14 November.  One of the photo's from this wonderful book features in this post. Watch this space for details soon !

For all our Advent resources go the Seasons section of the website and you'll find everything we have for this season of waiting, including plenty of hidden gems like Kester Brewin's Wait.  This 12 minute movie from vaux is perfect for advent. It explores the theme of waiting with the familiar urban image of a train platform and then moves into a liturgical reflection.

Learning to Love continues to make an incredible impact.  This was our collaborative poetry book, edited by Chris Goan, and with contributions from hundreds of you Proost readers and supporters throughout the world.  Sales of the book are breaking Proost records. You can download the PDF of the book immediately on this site or go to our Lulu pages to purchase hard copies.  It may make a great present for Christmas.

Finally and talking of Christmas present ideas then can we suggest a Get it All Subscription.  For just $99 this gives you access to everything on the site for one calendar year and really is quite a gift.  Why not check it out or get it for yourself.

With every blessing

The Proost Team