Making a Change

This month sees two new products launched on Proost.

Raindrops is the album for Sheffield based band Lofter.  This is wonderful collection of heartfelt songs with vulnerable and enaging lyrics and a mix of styles.  What we loved about the album is that it had enough songwriter-style content to feel contemporary but twisted things just when you weren't expecting it.  Ant Clifford from the band says "I love albums that work together as one art piece, and this has been lovingly crafted to be one of them; not just a few catchy singles prefixing a bunch of average tracks."  We really love it and are looking forward to working with the band in the future.  Check out the product page and the sample track link there.

Then we have a new free resource called Interdependence, created with Space to Breathe and Proost agitator Andy Freeman.  Interdependence follows the approach of other free Proost ideas such as 40 Thoughts and gives you daily actions/meditations.  However this one is not time limited and aims to move the participant across boundaries and realise both their worth in the world and how we need each other.  Andy is currently running this campaign through Space to Breathe and has associated comment and ideas to help there too but we're offering the resource free on Proost to use now or to store away for another time.  This is great to do on your own or with a group and is simple enough to do whatever your time, resources or context.  There are a couple of sample sessions on the product page but its free so why not check it out  

Both Raindrops and Interdependence have the feel of resources that seek to make changes ... changes in us, in the world around us and in the lives of others.  Check them and the other art on the site out if you want something inspirational to move you in a different direction. 

Many of our artists will be at summer festivals such as Greenbelt over the coming weeks trying to inspire you in similar change-bringing ways.  We'll do a special August newsletter telling you more but for the meantime why not have a look at Gavin Marts stirring reflection on the Palestinian situation called Trust Amos (the prophet) or listen to Harry and Chris in the guise of Flocks beautiful 'But in Silence EP.'

Wishing you a great summer and hope to see you all soon 

The Proost Team