Meeting the Gardener


Meeting the Gardener is a set of tried and tested Easter reflections designed for group/community occassions throughout Holy Week.

Andy has collated his own poems and photography with plans for Good Friday reflections, a Stations of the Cross set in your town/city, an Easter Saturday vigil and some simple reflections on the Garden Tomb and the Arrival into Jerusalem.

We like this resource for it's practicality and 'ready to use nature'.

To give you a flavour here's an extract from 'Arrival in Jerusalem'

Always be suspicious of a warm welcome.
God entered his holy city on a donkey.
The chosen animal has no carriage or crown.
Who knew humility means you check dignity at the door
But then who knew they’d cheer ...
Do you think the shouts stuck in their throat as they heard the donkey cry?
Palm branches and acclamations. Fit for a king.
In a way I wish they hadn’t done this ... been so shallow 
They lived up to expectation. You didn’t ...
Thank goodness for the King on a Donkey
Thank God for the salvation that remembered me.
Jerusalem you killed him with your kiss. 
Jerusalem ... where was I in the crowd?


Meeting the Gardener is available here as a digital download only.

Price: $3.00