If you are wondering about resources on proost for Easter week, then the new seasons section enables you to search for both Good Friday and Easter resources. But here's a few suggestions from proost to summarise what is around.

Crucify This Jesus is a book of poems and liturgies that follows through Easter week literally a day at a time. Ideal for personal reflection, or with a group.

Proost has now been in existence since 1997, it came in to being as a resource and a service to the church. In a world dominated by large record companies and publishers, we believed there was a need for a broader range of creativity from independent artists, musicians, authors etc. We also saw the need for an outlet for creative individuals who also had the same desire as us.

The proost web site is now exclusively a download site. Yes no physical products at all. We think that keeps the site clean and straightforward. However it is still possible to purchase physical copies of proost books. We use the brilliant to publish all our pocket liturgies and the like. And you can order physical copies of any of our books direct from Simply search for the title on lulu or we have a proost spotlight page that lists all of the proost books.

If you are a subscriber to proost first of all THANK YOU! And secondly with a new site inevitably there are changes. One of them is the way you as a subscriber access content. It's all very logical and easy. Rather than having a separate subscribers area as there was on the old site, you access content by selecting it and then adding it to the cart. Then when you checkout, all the content you have selected is yours. You simply need to make sure you are logged in. We hope it's both logical and simple!

We are excited to announce a brand spanking new proost web site!