Plato believed that the way you understood what really made a man or woman tick was what they did with power.  Today can tell you very quickly that power is a valuable commodity and many people will make great sacrifices and sometimes do terrible things to get it.  The political power of elections. The financial power of companies and economies.  The relational power of mobility and influence.  The physical power of weapons and might.

We're very excited to share a special free resource for Easter from new Proost artist Deborah Fielding.  That Week is a set of  four short stories reflecting the four days of the Easter Weekend and it's free to everyone at Proost.

As Lent concludes and we move into Easter we wanted to share some resources with you in the Proost library. Some new, some old. Premiering this week are two Easter focused resources.

Firstly Ian Adams has produced 'Peace be With You' - 40 reflections focusing on the hope of this time and of the hope contained in our own journeys of change. Ian is such a popular artist at Proost and we are so grateful to share his creativity with you all. This one comes highly recommended.

Today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the season of Lent.  Many of us will be considering how to mark this time - maybe a pattern of life to pick up or something to do without for a time.  Traditionally Lent is a time when we consider the struggle and often silence of following God. The moments in the wilderness where we have little and we face our darkness.  

"Lent comes providentially to reawaken us, to shake us from

our lethargy"

Pope Francis