As we begin the month of November our eyes start turning to a star and a stable and a time of year where we learn again to be patient.

It's been a busy and exciting August for Proost and there's a little more to come.  

As promised we have an exciting new product to launch this week.  Learning to Love is Proost's first poetry collection.

Summer is here and at Proost we're gearing up for a busy and exciting summer.  Over the holiday period we'll be launching a number of new products including 'Learning to Love' a poetry anthology of work contributed by people all over the UK and around the world and compiled by our friend Chris Goan.

This Sunday the global church celebrates Pentecost where we remember the outpouring of God's Spirit on those faithful, fumbling, fearful and fascinating disciples. 

We shared a variety of Pentecost resources in our last update 'Wild Spirit' a few weeks ago.  Do follow the link to take a look.