The Judas Tree & Daughters of Silence

This unique collection of music and poetry comes from our friend 'A Feckless Boy' and adds to his collection of work on Proost.

This download includes a seven track album and then a selection of poems which ask deep and profound questions of their readers.  Whilst we've had the pleasure of putting together this package to download we've all been touched by the searing honesty of this piece of work and hope you will be too. 

Expect moving acoustic tracks and poetry which leaves many questions unanswered, all with some unique and eye-catching photographs.  Asked to describe this work, here was his response:

Washed up
On a feckless boys shore,
Flotsam Songs and reflections.

The daughters of silence
And the Judas tree
Excavate the site of ambiguity.

Beside shallow graves
Between old bibles
With pressed flower pages,
In the dark between the stars
Cries to Jesus in question shape prayers
The wound of flawed loves
That silence can’t staunch
In search for restored innocence
And the God who is good.

Price: $8.25