Fear and Dust: A Hymnal for the Wild Volume 1


Tim Watson returns with this wonderful collection of writing and poetry.  There are many themes at work in Fear & Dust but at it's heart it explores the idea of wilderness and the questions we ask when we, or God, or our circumstances just don't seem to fit.

In his introduction Tim writes:

This book of poems, songs, prayers and liturgies has been written to be read aloud. These are songs waiting for a tune. They are poems written to be ranted, to be shouted into the sea and screamed from mountaintops. They’ve been written to be whispered in coffee shops, called out in the wilds and mumbled in worship services. These poems, prayers and refrains are hymns to a wild creator God. 

Check out 'A Formless Void' from the collection:

A Formless Void

In silence,

Away from prying eyes,

We hold each other, and will keep holding each other,

Until the world ends,

Until the night becomes day,

And the new sun casts new shadows,

We dream monochrome dreams, you and I,

Visions of other realities,

Different beginnings and endings,

Especially endings,

Joyless sleep with unclaimed potentials,

Worlds of imagination, spiralling and spiralling in concentric whirls, Whirls of silence,

Forming worlds of violence

And absence

And loss of meaning,

New planets with atmosphere’s stifled

In sulphur fumes and aspic,

Light glazed and redundant,

Throughout it all, only you and I,

A two, not a three,

And everyday marks another night of terrors,

God save us from this absence.


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