40 Temptations


As Lent approaches it's great to have Ian Adams back with us with a brand new resource '40 Temptations.'

This beautiful set of reflections follows in the line of other Proost favourites such as Give Me a Drink mixing original photographs with moving poetry, prayer and reflection. 

Ian opens 40 Temptations by saying "to attempt to be a hopeful human being in the 21st century is a demanding thing. This resource is a series of 40 meditations with photographic images seeking to explore that task."

Ian draws on the gospel accounts of Jesus temptation in the wilderness and seeks to connect the stories to our own journeys. What I particularly liked was Ian moves away from the traditional ideas of doing things wrong to the deeper sub-concious temptations that lie within us - our darker sides.

He shares that "if we are truly attentive the apparent temptation may even turn out to contain a gift, enabling us to better understand who we are, to reconcile our own light, shadow and darkness, and to step with imagination and generosity into whatever is being called of us."

These reflections come from Ian's own journey through Lent in 2015 and so have a wonderful practicality to them as well as all the depth and beauty you'd expect from Ian's work. 

Have a look at the sample page below:

Price: $7.00