Rage/Despair/Hope - Pack 2


Rage / Despair / Hope is a wonderful and imaginative resource that tells the story of Job and explores the range of human challenges and emotions which provide us with common experiences and can affect us very deeply in our daily life.  The stories also resonate our generation: angry enough to march with older students in protest over fees, despairing enough to consider ending their lives but hopeful enough to go travelling and see the world.

This resource is presented in three packs and Pack Two contains the beautifully made 30 minute film about Job as well as 22 high-res pieces of art work created by Si Smith and all of the audio files so each section can be used/presented independently if preferred. 

Rage/Hope/Despair is a multimedia resource originally created for work in a school setting with 16-19 year olds but it is of sufficient impact to work well in any setting with individuals who are 16+.  The resource was created by Youthscape working in partnership with dare2engage and with support from The Bible Society and The Jerusalem Trust

This pack is a download only and it's price is below.
There are two other packs available for this resource:
Pack 1 includes Si Smith's artwork $5.00.
Pack 3 Is available on the UK site only and includes all the above as well as detailed workshop resources and an 8 minute movie from the Lacey Theatre Company - (UK) £15.
If you would prefer hard copies of the movie and resources, these are available from the YSstore.  There you can purchase postcards and DVDs.     
Finally to see a trailer for the movie, check out below.  
Price: $12.50

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