Proost Free Sampler 2016


The Proost Free Sampler for Advent 2016 is a chance to sample six free tracks from different albums and EPs featured on the site.  It also includes a free daily liturgy called Lighting Beacons from Tim Watson, Dot Woods and Josh Walker. 

The six tracks on the sampler are:

1. Mart & Daws - Bring it Down (from the album of the same name)

2. Flock - How far Grace will go (from the But in Silence EP)

3. A Feckless Boy - Julia (from The Judas Tree)

4. Steve Leach - Eden (from the Gardens EP)

5. Grace - And Death Shall Have No Dominion (from Grace) 

6. Baker/Birch - Homecoming (from Come Home)

We hope you enjoy it.  Do encourage your friends to come and download it too.

Price: $0.00