Apollo Christmas


On Christmas Eve 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 delivered a spine tingling broadcast.

Whilst on a mission to orbit the moon they took part in a broadcast from space where they read the opening lines from the Creation story in Genesis 1.  

This movie captures that moment and the words spoken, along with music and visuals created by the one and only Jon Birch.  Jon is Proost's resident movie maker and animator and this short film (2min 55 seconds in length) is an instant classic.  

The movie contains animations of the earth from space, beautiful photography of stars, clouds and planets and an electronic track which soars along with the broadcast audio from the astronauts.  Perfect for use in gatherings, installations and for personal use.  The film brings new life to the Creation story and connects it with the events of Christmas.  Thanks Jon, we love this.

Apollo Christmas is a downloadable movie in QuickTime format, dimensions are 1920 × 1080

Price: $2.00