Christmas Anticipation


Welcome to the quirky and engaging world of Sarah Agnew, storyteller, poet, playwright and all-round creative from Australia.  Sarah responded a while ago to our request for content from new artists and we are thrilled to partner with her.

Christmas anticipation is an enchanting, honest, simple and often beautiful selection of creative pieces she has used in her own setting in Australia and designed for others to make use of during the Christmas period. 

Expect down to earth language, real-life experience, gentle and warm rhymes and insightful ideas and stimuli for an eventful Christmas.  

The resource includes original stories, personal reflections, liturgy, poems and even a couple of short scripts.

The resource ends with the outline for an entire worship experience for Epiphany called ‘Sacred Mystery in the Midst of Ordinary Reality’.

This resource isn’t the usual Proost release, indeed it felt incredibly unique as we first read it.  What it brings is honesty integrity, faith and depth and pages full of heartfelt words.  

Two sample extracts are below
Christmas Anticipation
Christmas draws near / I warm up my voice / turn up the volume / and belt out old favourites / while the season / lasts. 
Christmas draws near / a challenge : find less commercial gifts / for the ones I love / more costly gifts / for ones I do not know. 
Christmas draws near / and families are everywhere / children laughing / rings bittersweet / and solitude / grows harder to bear. 
Christmas draws near / memories surface / Christmas past / the ghosts of / two young men / haunt me / with a smile and falling / tears / two women / one a ghost already / one ghostly / two more tears
Christmas draw near / season of peace / uncovers new depth to anger / at injustice / and war / violence / and hatred / questions resolve / against my own / inaction 
Christmas draws near / I think of Christ / strangely enough / who lived these many moods / and I look for him / everywhere / with expectation. 

‘We Three Metaphor’

We three kings – one two three – to a king
a threat we’ll be. 

From the orient are we, and yet,
for us, as well,
this king will be. 

Bearing gifts,
three, for one
most precious
and long awaited king, 

we traverse afar
far away to
foreign fields
of promise and hope. 

We three kings, or more, princes, astrologers,
wise ones, we 
have followed a star, our intuition, 

charts and books, wisdom, a dream,

across fields, past falls, through valleys,
over mountains, more days more nights and on 

the star travelled; the ancients taught us to understand and read the signs of promise, hope for a king 



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