We are delighted to bring you the album Raindrops from Lofter an album long in the making and something they describe as a "labour of love."

The band are from Sheffield in the UK and feature Ant Clifford who shares "It’s the result of decades of hard work. The songs you will hear are heartfelt and genuine. There is a lot of love, hurt and adjustment in our 14 tunes." 

Ant continues "I love albums that work together as one art piece, and this has been lovingly crafted to be one of them; not just a few catchy singles prefixing a bunch of average tracks."

Raindrops is a 14 track album which also includes a digital booklet with beautfiul images of Sheffield and quotes from the song lyrics.  You can listen to Changed and see the video for the track on the bands Youtube page here.

Changed by Lofter

We're so excited to share this album with the Proost family and look forward to hearing what you think of it. 

Track listing 
1. While We're Young 
2. How the Story Goes 
3. Leaving 
4. Changed 
5. All My Trials 
6. Rearranged 
7. Breaking 
8. Standstill
9. November Dark 
10. Gone 
11. Tick Tock
12. Raindrop 
13. Shining Light 
14. Ben's Song
Price: $8.00