Did anyone else see? Ten stories for Advent and Christmas

"Did anyone else see?" is a beautiful short collection of ten stories for Advent and Christmas by Deborah Fielding.  

This lovely collection brings a new narrative twist to familiar stories and is a perfect way to approach the stories of Christmas in a new light.
Its also free to download.  

Below is a snippet from the third story featuring Zechariah...

Zechariah laughs as he sits down after the evening meal. Elizabeth has taken herself off to bed early. He plays with a cup on the table – rolling it back and forth on the slightly uneven top, sometimes taking another cup and making the sound of a donkey trotting. He laughs to himself, as he does now most evenings, about how spectacularly different life is since he got back from the temple. He isn’t thinking so much about his being struck dumb, although that is very different, he was always such a vociferous person before and he knows people found it annoying. He’s thinking more about Elizabeth. He smiles over Elizabeth’s frustration, earlier in the day, when she dropped a spoon and couldn’t bend down to pick it up again. He bent down to get it for her with a grin and she shooed him out of the kitchen. 

Everything that reminds him of the coming baby makes him smile – even his wife’s frustration. Not her discomfort – he doesn’t laugh at her aching back and tiredness and anxiety – but he does know it is all for a reason – a very exciting reason. 

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