Entering Silence

Throughout the history of many faiths, the practice of Silence has been both commonplace and deeply mysterious.  

Entering Silence is part of Space to Breathe's campaign to expose more and more people to this wonderful little gift.  This pack offers reflections, images, ideas, movies and inspiration to help you practice silence each day and to get the most out of it. 

The pack includes:

  • A 29 page guide 'Entering Silence' on PDF download.
  • 5 reflective movies. 
  • 16 beautiful and original photographs 
  • A silence MP3 designed to be put on loop.
  • A Space to Breathe Doodle Sheet

During Lent 2018 we are encouraging people to practice silence every day and to see what happens.  You can share your experiences by using the hashtag #silencechallenge or by posting on Space to Breathe's Twitter or Facebook below.  You can even email silence@spacetobreathe.eu.

This product is free to download during Lent but will cost £5 at other times.  It is a large file so the download is broken down into the three component parts - pack, images and movies.  You download the images and pack through your order here on the site and the our team will send you the movies directly in order to reduce download time/process.  If for any reason your movies don't arrive contact andy@spacetobreathe.eu and we'll sort it out for you.

For more info visit www.spacetobreathe.eu

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