Old and Lost Broken Dreams


Old and Lost Broken Dreams is a beautiful collection of poems, litanies, blessings and prayers from Tim Watson.  These reflections are dedicated to those who trudge as well as walk, wonder as well as wander and that dedication captures the diversity of emotion and experience in this brilliant little book.  I was moved and challenged as I read it.  

Tim reflects on the Dark Night of the Soul in his introduction and relates it to dreams which seem old, lost or broken in his life and experience.  "Sometimes in the pit we find that the words people say and the truths that we once held close appear to only be old, lost and broken." 

Expect poems encompassing a raft of emotions and journeys mixed with hope and with regular questions, wonderings and of pain mixed with love, doubt mixed with faith.  This is a book of poems and prayers which could take you through a season like Lent or one that you could return to again and again.

Tim has produced some brilliant stuff on Proost before both in poems and liturgies in Crucify this Jesus and also in @BeatLiturgist's Beat Tweets

Extract from 'A Remembering'

"I think I remember what it feels like to believe, That all that my eyes saw and all that my fingers touched, Was all that there was,
I think I remember the days before you came into my life, I still feel weighed down quite a lot of the time, But now it’s different,
I think I remember how my friends and the friends of friends told me stories, Stories of your glory that would never ever end or grow cold,
I think I remember the first moments when I dared to believe beyond what I could rationally perceive"

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