Peace be with you

"We dream of a better world."

This new resource for Easter designed by Ian Adams is full of hope for the possibility of a better world.  The challenge though is that this world begins in us and in our willing to find peace, stillness and the space where we belong.

Ian writes: 

"Peace be with you draws on themes and phrases from the stories told in the gospels about the resurrection of Jesus. From the time of their first telling those stories have been seen as invitations to allow the resurrection to reshape the way that life could be lived by reader and hearer. Peace be with you looks again at those invitations, and imagines them as gifts for us now, opening up the possibility of something new.

If you happen to be reading this in the Easter season, after the toughness of Lent, the space they offer may be welcome. But these invitations also come with a provocative edge. Can we find the courage to live in the spirit of resurrection when everything seems to gravitate towards death and destruction?"

We are honoured to have Ian as one of our contributors to Proost and this is a wonderful resource once again.

Peace be With You is available here as a digital download only.

Price: $7.00