Welcome to Proost's October Update. 

This month we're featuring two new pieces available on Proost which both embrace the concept of rhythm.  Virginia Wolf once said:

“Now this is very profound, what rhythm is, and goes far deeper than words. A sight, an emotion, creates this wave in the mind, long before it makes words to fit it ..."

Rhythm gives this unique impact to art.  Whether it be musical, poetic or even structural or textual rhythms there is something deep that takes place emotionally when we connect to it.  I always like the way Skaters talk of 'flow' - that connection with something other than you which creates a momentum and rhythm all of its own. 

As the rhythms of Summer end and the Autumn cycle begins we hope there might be a few things here on Proost to accompany your soul rhythms through this next step of the journey.

Gav Mart's Pioneer Mix is an excellent 10 minute electronic beats track which includes soundbites from a number of Pioneer Ministers in the UK who are seeking to re-imagine the idea and practice of Church in 21st Century Culture. Gav actually created the track for his MA Dissertation with the CMS Pioneer Course in Oxford but we quickly realised there was something brilliant to share here.  Expect electronic beats, big questions and a contemporary vibe which we think you'll really enjoy.  Available to download for US$3.

Secondly we've just released Cadence Cries by Andy Freeman.  Andy has contributed contemplative material to Proost before like Francis: Stories and Reflections and Interdependence.  However, Cadence Cries is Andy's first collection of poetry in Print form.  If you've attended any of Proost's live events then you will have heard Andy perform before but if not we encourage you to give this little book a look.  Cadence Cries offers poems from a swathe of emotions and experiences but all with a deep honesty and insight.  Andy loves the rhythm and flow of language and this is particularly on show in this collection.  For US$5 you get 28 poems and reflections as well as some simple but striking black and white photography.  Andy also makes all of these poems available for use in devotional settings so they can be a great little resource as well as an enjoyable book to read.  Take a look at the product page for a sample poem.

This season also brings with us a rhythm change as we head into Autumn and look towards Christmas.  You can find a whole stack of Advent related resources on Proost which can fill your soul during this coming season.  Just click on our Seasons button in the top menu to find out more. 

Two other things to tell you about...

Firstly we have a Proost live experience coming up thanks to our friends Chris Goan and Si Smith.  The World Upside Down is a wonderful Art exhibition taking place at St Edmunds Church. Roundhay in Leeds from October 20th to November 15th.  As part of it, a variety of Proost poets will be joining with a spoken word evening on Friday 3 November at 7.30pm.  The evening will also be about collaboration; poets interacting with the wider art in the exhibition and responding directly with words.

You can find out more at the event blog - https://worldupsidedownsite.wordpress.com

Secondly, a big congratulations to Sheffield band Lofter, who are featured on Proost.  They are currently enjoying a stint performing at the new Sheffield branch of IKEA!  If you're in the area why not come along and take a look.

Thats all from us right now.  Hope to see you all soon

The Proost Team