Snapshot of a Soul in Transit


“Each day is an empty canvas, and we paint on it as we will.” 

Mark Laurent writes poetry about life.  This first title on Proost, Snapshot of a Soul in Transit came from a line in his journal and became a collection of poems which has a wonderful pace and sense of serenity about it.  

When I first read Mark’s poem’s I felt drawn into something like contemplation.  They make you stop, reflect, prayer.  

Mark writes: 

“Writing, for me, is a kind of meditation, a way of prayer.  I hope you’ll find somethoing worth chewing on in these pages, and maybe catch a glimpse of yourself amongst my words.”

There are many themes in this book, most about observations and reflections but there is a particular theme of the environment which I liked.  Mark seems to have slowed in his writing and as he does so, detail comes into view.

His poem ‘I’ve Got a Brand New Pen’ ends with the verse:

For this is the parable of daybreak

preached afresh each morning

so that we have no excuse

to doubt the wonder of creation

and every day, like Nicodemus

we relearn the mystery 

“You must be born again”.


Overall though, this book is as it’s title suggests - a journey of the soul.  It is a wonderful accompaniment to reflecting on your own journey and God’s place within it.  It is also a beautiful book of poems and one we’re very proud to share at Proost.


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