Trust Amos


Trust Amos is a simple and powerful movie combining electronic music with images from the crossing from the West Bank into Israel and words from the prophet Amos.  It makes fro powerful viewing.

Since 2002 Israel has been constructing a wall to ensure their security.  This wall has affected homes, agricultural land and families.  It also has a massive economic impact.  When labour flows were at their peak in 1992, 42% of Palestine's Gross National Product came from Palestinian workers working in Israeli companies.  Since the creation of the wall unemployment has spiralled and wages have decreased.  

Gavin visited Bethlehem in 2015 for a music festival and created a series of photographs and music entitled Passion Walk which is available on Proost.  This movie compliments that resource and is a challenging and provocative take on the current crisis in Palestine.

Price: $3.50