VJ Loops Volume 4


7 movie loops of the city at night made by Tim Dendy. All the loops are shot in London, last around 30 seconds, and are HD size (1280x720). They capture both the beauty and fast paced nature of the urban space. 

There are various pieces of software that people use to present movie loops - powerpoint, keynote, arkaos, easyworship and so on. Whichever you use or even if you are using quicktime on its own, all a loop means is something that plays repeatedly. You should be able to set the movie to loop so that it keeps playing or looping. Use them with creativity and imagination. They can simply create texture in the space or make a background to project words over or a focus for prayer. If you need the movie in a different format try using http://online-convert.com where you can upload a movie file and select the format to convert to.

The loops include 

  • time lapse night cityscape (see preview below)
  • three traffic loops at night
  • a compilation of the traffic loops
  • people ascending and descending steps
Price: $16.49

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