Voxi Album


Voxi's strapline “exploring sacred song spaces”.

This, their first album is a mix of taize, chanting and choir.  It's also an eclectic mix musically .  The music references ancient traditions but also postmodern questions.  It also has six languages covered in the thirteen tracks. 

Voxi themselves describe this diversity on their website:

The album includes a number of fascinating and moving back stories. For example “Fully Grey” was penned by Alison MacPhail who died at 28 but whose dearest goal was to become old, wrinkled and grey.  And “Abwoon“, the Aramaic “Our Father” might unintentionally be a reverent tribute to Nelson Mandela, “Tata, Father of the Nation.”

You can listen to a five minute sampler from the album below.


Price: $11.49

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