The wait begins

Writer Brian McLaren reminds us that "in that silent baby, lying in that humble manger, there pulses more potential power and wisdom and grace and aliveness than all the rest of us can imagine." 

As the season of advent begins again we are encouraged to wait and to wonder.  An incredible moment is remembered, where God enters the world as a human being and explores all the struggles, joys, heartaches and experiences that we do today.  All that's provided on this website is created by artists, poets, liturgists, movie-makers and creatives alike to encourage that sense of wonder and awe within you.  Lets journey together into Advent.

This week we launch Jon Birch's wonderful Apollo Christmas movie.  On Christmas Eve 1968 astronauts orbiting the moon made an amazing broadcast.  With incredible visuals, euphoric electronic music and the words of the three astronauts - this movie takes a different spin on wonder at Christmas.  We love Jon and all he creates and love this short movie. 

If you're searching for Advent companions then there's much choice in our Advent section in the Seasons tab above.  Seeking Light by Ian AdamsWe Who Still Wait by Goan/Smith/Broadway/Adams or Advent Thoughts by Tim Watson are three of many.  There are also Si Smith's wonderful assortment of Advent CalendarAdvent Calendar and Comic and Advent Flatpack.  

We also have resources and creative ideas to help you as you gather others and reflect in wonder.  People Walking in Darkness and 9 Lessons are movies which both fit with that seasonal gathering.  Wonky Donkey is classic Harry Baker.  Jon Birch has a selection of Christmas related animations including Silent Night and Xmas Economy: Elf Issues.  

One other way you can reflect and connect is to join in with our invitation for your work through Discordant - our web portal where we invite you to submit your poems, music, art, liturgy or reflections.  Right now we are asking for submissions on the theme of wonder and hope to publish a collective resource of some kind in the New Year.  You can find out more in our Free Fanzine and Free Music Sampler - thanks to the hundreds of you who've downloaded this already.  If you haven't yet - check it out.  

The Music Sampler is also a great way to introduce friends to Proost.  Would you spread the word for us?

Lastly many of you ask at this time of year about purchasing a Get it All Subscription for friends.  This is a great idea.  Just create a friend an account and set up a Get it All Subscription.  Alternatively message us and we can do it for you.  At $99 this is a bargain, giving access to everything downloadable on the site.  

We have a few new Christmas resources to bring you before the big day arrives so listen out.  Follow us @ProostTweets or on our Facebook page to keep in touch and do tell you friends.


The Proost Team 

“At this Christmas when Christ comes, will He find a warm heart? Mark the season of Advent by loving and serving the others with God's own love and concern.” (Mother Teresa)