Wild Spirit of the Living God


We're very excited to be able to share 'Wild Spirit of the Living God: Prayer Poems for the Journey'.

After joining in on a pilgrimage to Celtic spirituality sites in Ireland in 2014 we were deeply impacted by this books author Russ Parker and the moving and power prayers and poems he shared through his experience of connecting with Celtic spirituality. 

This book is a collection of poems and prayers which evokes the wild, spirit-filled and creative faith of the Celtic Saints.  Russ has helpfully created categories for the devotions, some of which are season based like Easter Risings, some of which are themed and some cover Rituals or Rites of Passage.

There is an honesty and boldness in these prayers which is very powerful.  For example, 'Grab Me God' starts:

Wild Spirit of the living, breathing God

Come and get me,

Come and grab me,

Come and get a hold of me.

I don’t want to manage without you anymore.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful book.


Price: $5.75